Feed Me, Seymour!

For my birthday, Daddy mailed me a venus flytrap.
I tried feeding it, but it refused my dead fly.
Then I showed my class today, letting them pass it around.
A little one re-dropped the dead bait on the hungry mouth…
And it ate! I have never before seen the kiddos so excited!

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Watch and Learn

Oh, the things they don’t teach you in teacher school.

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He has the patience of… whatever’s impatient.


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Because I haven’t posted in ages…

Here are 5 things that made the last 5 months some of my favorites:

  • Visiting my sister in Peru
  • Roadtripping to NYC
  • Spending some days in southern Colorado
  • Coming home for fun weekends in the city
  • Attending two great conferences
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17 Things for a Birthday on the 17th

Dear I’m-Just-Not-A-Drape,

  1. You are one of the most practical people I know, at the expense of almost all else.
  2. You don’t say anything when I come home with a pile of clothes, mail, books, etc. in “my corner”.
  3. You taught us to befriend the unpopular kids at school (oh wait… maybe we were the unpopular kids…).
  4. You are always eager to play a game of Settlers, or any game for that matter.
  5. You taught us to love taking trips yet never took us on a vacation.
  6. You work hard and enjoy it all– Neighbors, KFC, BSF, KBC…
  7. You wake up early every Christmas morning to maintain our tradition of fresh cinnamon rolls.
  8. You would spend four hours on the road to visit me last year on weekends that I didn’t make the trip home.
  9. You analyze people, and I enjoy hearing your analysis.
  10. You instilled in us your love of garage sales. Paul, Eden, Joel, and I went last summer in Dallas, and it felt funny without you being there.
  11. You attended most of our meets growing up.
  12. You are not fazed by material things, and you limited how much “stuff” you gave us growing up, even if it meant we had to make our own.
  13. You put up with our jesting. We love you through it all and would be sorry if you were any different.
  14. You are up for nearly any athletic activity.
  15. You enjoy spending time with Daddy, modeling a good relationship for us.
  16. You were a very laid-back parent, but somehow this did not lead to reckless kids.
  17. You always are trying new and altering old when it comes to recipes.

Thank you for being the best mother I ever had.

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Kitchen God

In social studies we have been learning about post offices, and today we finished the lesson by writing letters that we will actually send in the mail. Here is what one of my students wrote today:

Dear mom I like your cooking you are god at waching the dishes.

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Band Photo

Living in the country near a city makes us frequent victims of dumpers. Their dumpings include tires, furniture, and cats. My dad once responded by dumping one of our mean roosters in the city, but that’s another story.

At sunrise this morning I woke up my sibs and we headed down the road to the most recent dumping.

A country road, chair, and castle… it made a nice band photo.

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I meant to post this last Easter. Oh well, here it be:

Our Easter tradition requires…

  • hard-boiled eggs
  • a trampoline
  • Eden & Ruth
  • Tippy

But this year…

  • Nobody thought to boil eggs.
  • The tramp broke.
  • Eden and Ruthi are out-of-state.
  • Tippy’s dead.
…So we played baseball instead.

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There’s nothing original under the sun.


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Some people try too hard.

Sunday School Musical? Seriously?

Sunday School Musical, DVD

It’s even on sale for only $5.

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